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Published: 17th March 2011
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Tennis ball hoppers come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same – they make cleanup easier and faster so you can get on with what counts: practice.

Ball hoppers

If there is more than one ball on a court, it usually means there is enough to warrant a ball hopper. Ball machines serve balls every few seconds and the highlight of these machines is that the balls keep coming. However, this advantage may not look so advantageous once pick-up time comes. After a hard workout, bending over for every ball can be too much to ask and reserving some last bit of energy for that task takes away from an intense workout.

Tennis ball hoppers , like the Gamma Ball Hopper Pro, collect tennis balls with a simple dropping motion and store them in the in a lightweight wire basket. The ball hopper handles swing down and lock in place for practice time, opening at arms-reach for easy grab and serve.

Gamma also has a roller ball hopper, which is constructed in the image of a rolling, hand-push mower. A large, cylindrical, wire cage rolls over the balls and stores them inside. Once the balls are picked up, the handles turn into a stand and the top opens for easy access to the tennis balls during practice.

Ball mowers

Tennis ball mowers are just what they sound like – a lawn mower (or vacuum) that scoops and hoses the balls from the court into a collection basket. Ball mowers are a bit pricier than ball hoppers or roller hoppers, but are worth the money if time is of the essence. Gamma, Playmate and Hoag all offer competitively priced models.

Ball tubes

Ball tubes are great for times when there are several helpers to collect tennis balls. Children can have great enthusiasm for tennis, but that can translate into wide shots and even a few over-the-fence lobs. Ball tubes are cheap and having several on hand can keep the whole group entertained during clean up time with a little friendly competition. Tubes can generally hold up to 18 balls and timing kids to see who can fill their tube fastest is the perfect way to get clean up done in as little time as possible.

Ball carts

Ball carts are handy when a tennis ball machine just isn’t practical. Ball carts hold anywhere from 50 to over 300 balls. Coaches can send endless serves to lines of players and never miss a beat. Several companies offer a lightweight wire model. The ball cart legs fold up and act as handles when practice is over. The Hoag Pro cart, while it has no handles, is made from white PVC and has an attractive frame that looks professional.

One ball is enough for a match or even a casual game between friends, but the only way to work on your swing is with constant repetition. Chasing down each ball is precious time lost on the court. The more balls the more practice and the more balls the more cleanup. Save valuable time with a tennis ball hopper and get in more swings.


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